Meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Johnson Community Center, 201 Noble Street, West Haven, 6:30-8:30 pm.  For information contact: Angela Potter at:

Autism can be a functional disability with an extremely wide range of behaviors, intelligences, strengths and weaknesses.  The group consists of parents willing to provide emotional support, practical information and tips on how to cope with each of their unique situations.  The group is complete with parents, family members, educators, and care coordination providers vested in sharing their hopes, experiences, and dreams.  You will meet others who share your feelings and frustrations, if not your exact situation.  We come together to learn a better  way to deal, cope, laugh and cry.  A special education teacher and parent co-leader together with care coordination members set up and organize the meeting area, facilitate conversation speakers to educate the group based on the groups need.  Childcare is also provided.  PARENTS MUST NOTIFY US PRIOR TO THE MEETING IF THEY ARE REQUESTING CHILD CARE.


January 7, 2015
February 4 - Chistina Keating, ASD Fitness Center
March 4 - LisaMarie Bernardo, Personal/Parental Life Coach
April 1 - Faith Filiault, Special Ed Advocate and Attorney
May 6 - Lynn Edwards
June 3 - Amber Monck, MADD - Parent Power
July 1 - Open Meeting
August 5
September 2
October 7
November 4


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