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NEXT MEETING  - March 18, 2015 - for information call Bob Morton - 203-937-3633 

City Hall, 355 Main Street, Basement meeting room - 11:30 to 1:30


West Haven Interagency Network for Children

West Haven Collaborative

February Minutes


Attendance:  Pam Lorenzo, Alison Tyliszczak, Carol James, Theresa Andriulli, Randy Brown, Troy Zane, Christola Calloway, Tarsha Calloway, Bob Morton


1. Parent Support Group Report

Feb meeting cancelled due to weather

Next meeting March 9th – open meeting

Bake Sale – First day of spring bake sale – March 20th – City Hall  9 to 12

If you would like to bake something – please fill out the form and turn it in to us.


2. Children With Special Needs Program Report

January Bowling event was cancelled due to lack of interest

February swim event – held Saturday Feb 7th – 11 children and 11 adults

Need to poll parents – what would their kids like to do – need new activities:


3. Autism Family Support Group Report

February 4th meeting – ASD Fitness Center

March Meeting – LisaMarie Bernardo – Personal Life Coach


4. Spanish Support Group Report

January meeting cancelled due to weather

Next meeting February 24th – open meeting

Meeting with Rosalyn this Friday


5. Adolescent Support Group Report

January movie event “Into The Woods” cancelled due to weather

Next event February 24th – The Duff


6. Family Support : Alison and Trasha each had a family that needed some support.  Group discussed cases and offered some suggestions. Child’s crib (DCF) and services for adolescent girl (Care Coordination, Bridges).  


7. Old – New Business 

On February 3rd - Karen and Bob went before the CDA board for next year’s CDA grants for our Children with Special Needs program and Child Care for 2015/2016 funds

February 4th  -Bob and Karen had a meeting with Christina Montano – WHHS – Peer Advocates,  presented them with a check for $300.00  - donation - help with child care and other events ie: bowling, holiday party, etc.


February 17th – Bob and Karen met with Pastor Seth Poston at the Vertical Church – discussed working with them around child care for our groups and volunteers for other events ie: bake sale, etc.

Holiday Awards ceremony with the Mayor – scheduled for February 23rd at 1:00

Elections & By-Laws will be reviewed at the first half of the April meeting by the Executive Committee and will be presented to the entire collaborative for discussion, review and acceptance.


Bob mentioned that they had received around 240 pairs of new Carter pajamas  Theresa and Bob arranged them in his office by size – newborn through kids size 7.  Bob asked if anyone had a family that they thought could use PJ’s.  Alison, Randy  and Tarsha said they did and picked out pj’s.   The rest of the pj’s are going to be divided into three  groups: one for DCF, one for Community House Head Start and one for the Vertical Church next week.  Any collaborative member who has a family in need of pj’s should call Bob.


Need someone to take minutes at the collaborative meetings.


Next Meeting: March 18, 2015, City Hall, basement meeting room, 11:30 to 1:30.

















 To attend our meetings or become a member of our collaborative call Bob Morton, 937-3633 or email morton@westhaven-ct.org





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